Andy and Sammi have “love product” in Blind Detective

Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng collaborated as lovers for the seventh time in Blind Detective sharing great chemistry, even Andy himself quipped that he and Sammi were husband and wife for 3 lives. Director Johnnie To decided to make their collaboration more “complete” by finding a super cute little girl to be their “love product” on the silver screen, Andy who was a father himself showed off his fatherly side in the film, he also sang praise of the little actor’s good acting and knew how to sweet talk! He said: “She’s really mature, addressed every one as handsome and beauty, her behavior is like a mature adult!”


Andy had always stressed that his character in the film is model after the character of Johnnie To which is “love to eat”, he even wanted to eat a little girl’s ice cream. In the film, the little girl was shouting: “I want mango flavor! I want mango flavor!” Having a good temper, a fatherly Andy told the girl: “There’s only strawberry flavor, be a good girl!” But the girl still make noises, Andy then said to the little girl in a mischievous and threatening manner: “If you don’t eat it, I will finish it up!”


The whole family of Andy, Sammi and the little girl dining in a restaurant can be considered as the most heart warming scene in the film, recalling the day of shooting, both Andy and Sammi sang praise of the girl being smart and cute. Andy quipped: “She’s good! That day she came with her mother, maybe her mum taught her well, she did not feel lost at the set, she behaved like an adult, after shooting she would run and touch Johnnie’s chin and asked him: “Handsome director, how do I fare in my acting?” Very mature, gave people a adult in a child feel, she’s extremely suitable for this film’s character.”


Sammi expressed that the little girl has many acting experiences, thus when she arrived at the site she was courteous to greet all crew members, “When she saw director To, her first words are “Hello, handsome”, both myself and Andy were stunned. When we got familiar with each other, she began to address Andy as handsome and me as beauty, she’s very passionate, not afraid of strangers! Like what Andy had said, she’s experience, thus she’s not afraid at all, able to get into the shooting immediately, in addition to her good memory, we were able to reach our target effect fast.”


The crew members revealed that Andy showed a lot of care and concern to the little girl, showing off his fatherly side. Actually the hardworking Andy is a good husband and father, despite his busy work schedule, he would still maintain his “three 8 principles”, there is 8 hours of work, 8 hours for family, 8 hours of rest, managing work and family well.

Blind Detective will be screened in Taiwan cinemas from 26 July 2013.

news and photos from: China Times,, Liberty Times