Andy solved mystery case with an inflatable doll

Blind Detective will be opening in Mainland China and Hong Kong cinemas on 4 July 2013, earlier the film company released a set of “disharmony” photographs. In one of the photographs, a handsome Andy posed with his left hand in his pocket and a cigarette in his mouth, right hand holding onto inflatable doll, it looked rather comical. Meanwhile, the film company also released a “HIGH” version posters, the heavenly king and queen in inspector poses while dressed in pyjamas.




In the film, Andy and Sammi are a crime-solving partners, they also collaborate with the golden hair big-eyed inflatable doll. It was understood that to solve a missing case, Andy and Sammi kept returning to the crime scene as they dressed up as the murderer, missing teenage girl and her good friend. From the photographs, it seems that both of them are role-playing.


In the photograph, Andy dressed in jeans wear, seriously looked like a handsome gangster as he posed with a inflatable doll. Andy revealed that he was “solving a case” with the inflatable doll, other than that, there was even a “bed scene”, he said: “Please don’t be mistaken, this is accommodating the story requirements.”


When talked about shooting this scene, Andy expressed that he enjoyed it very much, because he does not need to be “blind”. “I really enjoyed these scenes of imitating others, need not care whether I can see with my eyes, could do whatever I like.” In addition, with regards to his “collaboration” with the inflatable doll, Andy exclaimed that it’s fun, “Although it’s not a real person, but I would need to treat the inflatable doll as my girlfriend, need to chat and flirt. as time went would feel that it’s one of the actors.”


When compared to Andy, Sammi’s character was not so enjoyable, other than facing love rival Gao Yuanyuan, she still has to jealous of the inflatable doll. With regards to this, Sammi commented that she had a sorrow life, “There were a lot of fighting scenes in Blind Detective, love was not smooth going either, my character has a crush on Andy, the role I imitate was a woman being ditched, really sorrow life!”


When talked about shooting the scene with “inflatable doll”, Sammi expressed that she really got into the scene as she really feel the inflatable doll as a “mistress”, she found it funny too. “This scene was saying the character that Andy imitate was having an affair, the inflatable doll is his new girlfriend, when I saw him lying together with the doll and chatting about me, it feel comical. But really put my hats off to Andy as he could looked so when dating a doll.”



Andy once expressed that he used Johnnie To as blueprint for his acting in Blind Detective, the most similar is the always eating habit of Johnnie because throughout the film, he just kept eating, even Sammi had to accompany him to eat. Both of them eat sausages at the road-side stall, dine at high class restaurant, then ate ice-cream with little girl whom sing praise of Andy and Sammi as handsome and pretty, upon seeing the cute girl, Andy showed her fatherly side by taking extra care of her.


Even in a scene where Sammi was driving, Andy also fed her with food. Andy said: “This is the characteristic of Johnnie, eat wherever he went, thus the shooting crew was rather happy.”

In addition, Andy had a scene where he was drunk and lied on the street, for realistic, Andy care-less of any safety mattress as he happily lie on the street in a drunkard state.


news and photographs from: Sing Tao News, Wei Wen Po, Headline Daily