Andy’s leg swollen after being stepped on by Gao Yuanyuan

Directed by Johnnie To and starring Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng, crime thriller Blind Detective will be screened in cinemas during the summer holidays. The film company revealed that Gao Yuanyuan was also in the cast and her character will be heavenly king Lau’s goddess.


The film company released a set of “heavenly king and beauty dancing” photographs of the film.


The set of photographs can be considered as romantic, when recalling the process of dancing, Andy who is experienced on stage exclaimed that his leg was swollen after being stepped by Gao Yuanyuan. In Blind Detective, Andy’s character has a “goddess” which is the dance instructor of Gao Yuanyuan.


When talked about his leg was swollen after being stepped on by Gao Yuanyuan during shooting, Andy revealed that actually her International Ballroom dancing had reached performance standard, but to include the story of the film into the dance, it would be much difficult because of the requirement of combining dancing and acting. With regards to his swollen leg, he does not blame her and push the blame to himself for not leading her well.


Andy’s character in the film is blind, other than fighting off criminals and also need to take up the challenge of “blind dancing”. With regards to this, Andy revealed that he specially watched Al Pacino’s Scent of a Woman to look for inspirations, “He could determine the look of a woman from a woman’s perfume scent, being unable to see, he’s also well verse in tango, I played back the tango dance scene many times, hope to find the feel of eyes is blind but not the heart.”


Other than searching for inspirations from Scent of a Woman, Andy also binds both his eyes to practice International Ballroom dancing in order to experience dancing as a blind, “As a normal person, other than body movements during dancing, we also use our eyes to communicate, but the blind only use their bodies to communicate, thus need to walk into their world to experience their feeling and way of communication.”


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