Andy performed difficult stunts in Switch

Directed by Jay Sun, starring Andy Lau, Tong Dawei, Zhang Jingchu and Lin Chiling, 3D action film Switch will be open in the cinema in 9 June and screened in all cinemas nationwide. In the film, Andy who is a secret agent encountered many action scenes of high difficulty, it was revealed by insider that the film company bought a heavenly price insurance for Andy.


In Switch, secret agent Andy battle his life to protect national treasure painting Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains. According to sources, despite being experience, when Andy tried jumping off from cars, towers and other stunts, he kept injuring himself. Especially shooting the fighting scene in the burning palace, Andy who was wearing a easily flame-able fashion apparel to shoot the scene which had a high chance of getting burnt, many uncontrollable circumstances made the shooting extremely dangerous. For safety reasons, the film company prepared special fire extinguishers which would prevent fire from spreading, specially bought expensive insurance for Andy’s face and body just for precaution. When asked for the exact insurance amount, the insider refused to reveal but hint that it’s worth ten thousands.


Despite that, the insider also revealed that due to the highly dangerous scenes in the film, the shooting crew, cast and Hollywood team were asked to sign a release of liability, waiver of assumption of risks and indemnity agreement. For example the car chase in Dubai’s desert, although the shooting crew prepared water, food, petrol and other items like ropes but with the uncertain landscape of the desert, the shooting crew was sweating during the shoot. With regards to this, the experience action director Bob Brown exclaimed: “There are many quicksand holes in the desert, if we’re not careful and fall into it, we might not get out alive.”

With regards to the dangers faced during shooting, director Jay Sun said: “For realistic, the explosive and bullets used are the real thing, thus we had bought insurances for the actors before shooting and got ourselves ready with all the safety precautions, we even got the ambulance ready.” When talked about Andy shooting the film, he used “hardworking model” to describe him: “Andy is a very professional actor, he finished many of the dangerous scenes and stunts on his own, undisputed secret agent male lead.”

Andy exclaimed that he is more cherish of his own life after having a family, “Because scared that family members will be worried, thus I’m extremely careful during shooting, if possible I would not shoot those extremely dangerous scenes or stunts.”