Andy’s song among 100 patriotic songs

Recently the Central Propaganda Department had started the “patriotic songs we sing” activities, they also picked 100 patriotic songs.

To promote the activity, an online voting was set up to recommend patriotic songs on the Internet, within 2 weeks a total of 2335 votes were collected. The organizer invited well-known composers and professional critics to give their opinions. together with the online voting and professional critics’ opinions, they picked the 100 patriotic songs. The selected songs are of nice tune, easily sang, contains deep public base, the song’s content includes changes and building of different period. National anthem, army songs and songs that would be sang at national events are not included in the recommended list.

Among the list are Andy Lau’s Zhong Guo Ren and Luo Da-you’s Dong Fang Zhi Zhu.

news from:, Apple Daily News