Andy could be cast in TVB TV movies

TVB had produced several TV movies in the past, but it has stopped producing for 6-7 years. TVB will be starting to produce TV movies again as it will be handled by the high ranked officer of the variety department. From inside news, Andy Lau whom had not cast in any TVB drama for 20 years since his last collaboration with Maggie Shiu in Tin Long Kip in 1988 will be cast in one of the TV movies. This would be the chance for Andy to repay the kindness back to TVB.

The story of the TV movie will be of magician, Andy should be playing the character of a magician as he’s crazy over magic these few years. Earlier Jay Chou also wanted to collaborate with him in a movie about magicians however no news thereafter, but Andy is always interested. With TVB variety and music department high officer Chen Jia-yang in charge of this movie, he said: “I’ve discussed with Andy for 6 months, he had read the script, he’s fine with it, most importantly is that he like to shoot this movie, he gave many suggestions, the female lead had yet been decided, he’s great in magic, thus he makes a good choice for this movie.” Chen added that the movie could last 1.5 hours or could be divided into part one and two, nothing had been decided yet.

news from: Apple Daily News