Andy meet giant duck

Recently the 16.5-metre tall Rubber Duck that is taking up residence in Victoria Harbour had been a talking point and attracted the locals to take photographs of it, even Andy Lau wanted to recall his childhood yellow duck as he came to meet it. Andy specially changed his work schedule to meet the duck, it can be seen the importance of the duck to him.


Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and his crew members spent some time to pump air into the duck and then stable the duck with rocks, because of the strong wind on that day. Andy got to meet Hofman after being introduced by the exhibition executive Mr. SK and they seems to hit it off as they chatted about the production of the duck and its touring history. They also stand in-front of the giant duck to take photographs.


Andy revealed that he did played with the yellow duck when he’s young, seeing the duck brought back his childhood memories, however now the duck became bigger while he became smaller. He said: “I played with it when I bathing, always asked my mother to filled up the water in a basin for me to bath. Seeing it today is like back to my childhood days, but it grew bigger while I became smaller, so funny!”


Meeting the giant duck for the first time, he expressed that he never expected it to be so big as if it’s a cruise ship with flashy color, he became relax after seeing the duck. Andy said: “Never expected that it would be so huge, it’s as big as a cruise ship, so grand and has flashy color, seeing it made one feel relaxed!” He was told that the rubber duck symbolize good and happiness, it had toured many countries and cities to spread the message of happiness and brought smiles to many places.


In addition, this exhibition will also be raising funds for Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation, aiding mental illness and emotional disorders patients which is very meaningful.


news and photos from: Ming Pao, Headline Daily, Hong Kong Daily, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao, Apple Daily News