Andy: I’m 50 years old youth

After Ning Hao’s Crazy Stone, Andy Lau’s Focus: First Cut project will be promoting a new film from another new director. The film – ‘Chu Lian Wei Man’ will be directed by Liu Juan who had followed Zhang Yimou to shoot several documentary films, Kristy (Baby) Zhang will be the female lead, held its press conference in Beijing yesterday and Andy was there personally to show support. The film is scheduled to be screened at the end of June.


The film will narrates the story of youth born after 1990 being influence by the pop culture of the “4 Heavenly Kings” era. Andy quipped that because the film is related to him thus he decided to invest the film. However, Andy would not cameo in the film, he explained: “Actually I did thought of it, I can cameo as a teacher, but I’m worried that my appearance would damage their youth.”

When asked about his take on youth, Andy quipped: “Currently I’m in 50 years old youth.” To him, youth represent a period of time, if you did not change yourself because of the world has changed, that will be forever youth. Whether youth be 5 years, 1o years, or 15 years, it all decided accordingly to your mentality. “Youth is a standard for you to rebel, you can rebel at any age, some rebel only when he’s 80 years old. But rebel is not about doing bad things, just do something for yourself and you can recall later. As per his saying, “youth” is his own idol. He said: “Youth is my idol, I’m always chasing after, I won’t change my attitude towards youth because the world has changed.”


Andy revealed that another project of Focus: First Cut after 6 years is because of the downturn of local Hong Kong films, thus he focus on investing in The Gallants and A Simple Life.

Andy sang praise of Liu Juan, saying that it gave surprise! “It’s shooting a memory but the director did very well. If I’m the director, I may be shoot it to the same standard. The actors also did well, when I’m at their age, I’m not as natural as them.”


When asked if he wished to become a film director himself, he quipped: “If I’m a director I will be shooting a film that has never appeared in the market before, then everyone would know that it’s Andy Lau’s film but I still does not have that standard. I gave many opinions in Cold War but was not accepted, when watching the film I feel that the director handled it so much better, what sort of opinions I gave, so I think I better not be a director.”


When one reporter joked if he wanted to wait till “60 years old youth” to become a director, he pointed at the reporter and quipped: “With what you had said, I’ll do it when I’m 59 years old.”

Meanwhile in the Forbes Chinese Celebrities listing, Andy who had spent more time on his family was positioned number 3.

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