Three crew members attended to Andy

47-years-old Andy Lau is currently busy shooting Tsui Hark new movie Di Ren Jie, it was said that Andy would have many fighting scenes in the movie as he said: “This is a huge production, shooting will take up to 4 months!” Andy will be location shooting in Hengdian for 4 months, it will be tough for him.

The movie – Di Ren Jie’s content will be similar to Kindaichi Case Files, Andy will be the Tang dynasty detective Di Ren Jie as he helped Empress Wu Zhetian solve cases.

Carina Lau whom will be Empress Wu had not joined the cast, currently only Andy and Li Bingbing joined the shooting. According to crew member, he reveals: “The shooting has been on-going for 2 weeks, we always started shooting at 7:00pm till the next morning, Andy would not come if it is not shooting his scenes, during rest time he would go to his car to enjoy the air-con.”

Andy who is already 47 years old is no longer young, thus when it comes to high difficulties action scenes, Tsui Hark would ask the pirated Andy Lau Du Yi-heng to replace Andy, even Du revealed in his blog that it’s not easy being the body double of Andy.

Last Saturday (16 May), Andy wore his costume and prepared for shooting at Hengdian, as it’s an important scene, thus Andy need to be present, three crew members immediately went to attend to him. Upon seeing Andy having difficulties to climb up the props platform, one of the crew member immediately used his head to give Andy’s support.

news from: Face Magazine issue #104,