Zebra captivated by Andy during commercial shoot

Earlier Andy Lau shot a new commercial in Bangkok, Thailand with Miss. Zebra for Taoti beverages, he had been the brand’s spokesman since 2000 and sang their commercial theme songs every year, several netizens expressed that they “grew up drinking Andy’s tea”. Miss. Zebra specially underwent a “familiarization with human” course for the commercial shooting, after getting along with Andy for several hours, she was attracted to Andy as she followed wherever Andy walks just like his old friend.


For this commercial, Andy need to shoot a scene whereby he run on a wide open green during sunrise. In order to capture this moment’s smoothing sun shine, the shooting crew started preparing at midnight whereas Andy arrived at the venue around 4 in the morning to wait for the shooting to start.


The company specially arranged a female zebra to collaborate with Andy. This Miss. Zebra needed to take a 5 hours car ride from the zoo to the shooting venue. As zebra is shy by nature and afraid to get in contact with human, thus the zoo specially gave the zebra a series of “familiarization with human” courses one month before the shooting. At the eve of the shooting, 1 vet and 5 zoo keepers were arranged to accompany her and wait around at the shooting venue.

As the shooting venue was wide, for the convenience during shooting, several golf carts were rented to ferry the crew members and shooting equipments. When the crew members were busy arranging and preparing the venue for the shoot, Andy suddenly appeared driving a golf cart to help ferry the crew members to the next shooting location which surprised them as Andy becoming their temporary driver.


Although the zebra had underwent training, but she still has precaution to human initially as she was not familiar with Andy. However after getting along with Andy for several hours, she seems to get attracted by the superstar as unknowingly she would followed wherever Andy walked, very good friend with him. When Andy ran, she would ran with him thus occasionally you could see Andy racing with the zebra which made everyone burst into laughter.

In addition, Andy also need to shoot another scene in a studio, he used white paint to paint out the zebra’s stripes on a black background with his bare hands. Actually Andy just start learning oil painting, therefore it was no troubles when the commercial required him to do oil painting. Initially the director wanted to get someone to do up the painting followed by asking Andy to add a few strokes, but Andy suggested to use his hand instead of brush to paint as he felt that it would be rather special, indeed the effects looked good.


Other than painting, Andy also loved photography as during rest time he would borrow the camera from his assistant to shoot the scenery of the venue and the shooting crew. He seems to love the oil painting in the studio as he took a few photographs of the colorful zebra painting.

View the commercial at Taoti website – http://www.tao-ti.com/news.php?id=11

news and photos from: Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po, Hong Kong Daily, Skypost, Macao Daily

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