Switch released pioneer poster

Switch, a 3D international major production film jointly produced by China Film Group Corporation, Pegasus & Taihe Entertainment International, Media Asia, Phoenix TV released the film’s pioneer poster on 20 March 2013. In the poster, main leads Andy Lau, Tong Dawei, Zhang Jingchu and Lin Chiling looking serious divided into two sides, a naked sexy back and sharp sword in the center, clearly shown the complicated relationships of the four leads.


The film company said that the sharp sword design showed off that every encounter of both parties are like dancing on the sword’s tip, full of unexpected death and blood shed. Behind the sword was a tattooed naked back, it also showed off the film’s colorful and scheming spy stories.


The post production of Switch was handled by top notch Hollywood production team, “Father of 3D films” Chuck Comisky of Avatar fame as its visual effects director which would make the visual of this film exceeding past Chinese films, creating another visual summit in Chinese film history. When answering reporters’ questions, Chuck Comisky exclaimed: “I’m always busy in America, if not for the many parts of this film that moved me, I would not come in the first place, even if I come, if the film cannot make it then I would head back immediately and not joining in the production.”


The filming crew of this film is also worth mentioning. As a film with 370 different shooting locations, 3000 camera shots, 12000 special effect scenes, the filming crew is of the same team as major production 2012, with such a strong visual production team it would bring many worth remembering scenes from the film.


Other than the 3D effects, the film’s action scenes are also one big highlight. Action director Bob Brown whom has a Hollywood box office miracle with Transformer 2 was also invited to join the film’s production as he was the overall in-charge for the film’s action directing. He said: “For this film, the director gave me a huge space to play, allowing me to join the Chinese and American team together, this is very beneficial to the film.” Bob Brown then told reporters that with such a combined of Chinese and Western production team, the action scenes of Switch would have the American style and Oriental elegance, thus audience would get to enjoy the film’s velvet glove action scenes.


With 3D technologies improving and the audiences’ picky requirements of films’ visual effects, Switch which has such an elegant production team, it’s believed that it would satisfied the audience, meanwhile allowing the audience to enjoy the new feeling of the action and visual effects when watching the film.


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news and photos from: Sina.com, m1905.com, popyard.com