Andy exclaimed that he would not become part judging panel again

7th Asian Film Awards presentation ceremony was held two nights ago, Philippines’ actors, Eddie Garcia and Nora Aunor won the Best Actor and Actress award respectively, president of the judging panel Andy Lau expressed that he was satisfied with the results as most of the awards were of the panel’s majority votes, he expressed: “This year’s winner are of different genres of films, it’s an encouragement, hope more people would take note of Asian films. This year’s nominated films are more strong favored, hope that more light hearted and happier films would appear in future.” As he was one of the actors in Cold War, thus he could not cast his vote for the Best Actor award, however he personally admire the acting of Eddie Garcia more.


As both the Best Actor and Actress award are won by Philippines’ actors, Andy pointed out that these 2 Philippines films are more stable in terms of watchable because they are not so strong favored, whereas Best Film winner Mystery managed to shoot out the close relationship between humans.


With regards to the poor result of Chinese films in this year’s ceremony where only Mystery and The Silent War won awards, Andy expressed that he knew it after he took a look at the nomination list, because there were most action and comedies in last year’s Chinese films which would lose out when comes to award ceremonies.


As he was the president of the judging panel for Golden Horse Film Awards earlier, he revealed that he would not accept any offers to be part of any judging panel, as he did not have much films last year but this year he would concentrate on several of his new films, if there is chances of competing in film festivals, he would also minimize the chances of contact as if he was one of the judging panel, he also cannot cast votes. He expressed that now he understand more of the sorrow of being a part of the judging panel, he said: “It’s more tough when compared to Golden Horse Film Awards, it’s so lonely in the process of watching the nominated films.”

In addition, there was a good news as A Simple Life was presented Buried Treasure award at 19th Annual Chlotrudis Awards.

news and photos from: Wei Wen Po, Headline Daily, Metro Daily, Skypost, China Times, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News