Andy’s new film – Blind Detective is like family tragedies

Entertainment Expo Hong Kong was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre yesterday, whereas the award presentation ceremony of 7th Asian Film Awards will be held in the night, thus the event attracted several artistes, Hong Kong and foreign film companies personals.

Blind Detective, a collaboration of Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng which is a joint production film of Media Asia Group Holdings Limited and Emperor Entertainment Group Ltd held its press conference at the Entertainment Expo Hong Kong and even premiere the film’s trailer.


Other than Andy and Sammi attending the press conference, Peter Lam, Albert Yeung, Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai were also present. Recently there were several family tragedies in Hong Kong, coincidentally there are several bloody scenes in the trailer which Andy related to the recent news and almost teared.


Andy sighed: “Not sure if it’s heaven’s will or I’m emotional today, “If your heart is blind, then it’s lethal”, Hong Kong suddenly changed, with such recent images, news and in addition to today’s trailer, I almost cried!”

When asked if he felt depressed, Andy expressed that anybody would feel that there is a problem with parents’ teaching and communication with their children nowadays. Andy felt that everyone should show concern to those close to them, some parenting organization should provide assistance with regards to family communication.


When asked if he had thought of a good way of teaching his daughter, he quipped: “I still have a long way to go!” The reporters were surprised that since his daughter is already 10 months old, why he never shared his father experience, he said: “I will talk about it, but I don’t like to talk about this when it’s due with work, it would blurred the focus.”

When asked if Andy wishes to collaborate with any particular Taiwanese film director, he quipped: “Lee Ang, all these years never got to collaborate with him, he cast an Indian instead of me.”


Chin Kar-lok earlier exclaimed that Andy gave him a lot of baby products, Andy admitted that he received too many baby products and he had to gave them to his friends and outside organizations. He said: “I gave him during shooting, I can’t use all of them!” Whereas Sammi expressed that she had also gave Andy baby products as present, when reporters asked if he would return the favor, Andy quipped: “It depends on whether she would become a mother!”

When Sammi was asked if she would have phobia of having children after the recent family tragedies news, she expressed: “I would have phobia even without these news, I have phobia becoming a mother, because too many things would be under my control, I have a religion, let God decides. (Do Andy Hui think likewise?) I would not answer this question. (Would you have a change of heart after seeing Andy Lau’s cute daughter?) I don’t dare to answer, will ask Andy Lau in private, haha!”


This was Andy and Sammi’s first collaboration in nine years and Sammi quipped that they still have chemistry as she used “burning hot” to describe. She added that with her trust and understanding with Andy, it allowed her to be more open in her acting which allows her to act and show off more daring and sincerely.

With regards to their collaboration, Andy exclaimed that Sammi did not changed much, he said: “She experienced a lot of things in these few years, in the past if she gave 80% and she would want an 80% return, now when she gave she would not think of the return, she’s no longer progressing.” However “progressing” is not the word that Andy wanted to use but he could not find a more suitable word after thinking for a long time. With regards to this, Sammi added: “It’s not that I’m not longer progressing, it’s that I’m no calculative.”

Andy thanked director Johnnie To but he quipped that he felt that he and Johnnie are like from triads, “In the past I don’t like him, he also does not like me, I’ve already performed for 30 years, but still find acting in this film difficult, but this time seems to get along with the director well, he’s more patient.” Andy added: “In the past, Johnnie cared about nothing, all he wanted is act to his satisfaction, but now he would encourage that I did well, it feel more comfortable.”


Andy introduced that his character in Blind Detective is different from his past characters, “This character is unlike a male lead, he’s a greed, without any dreams but very realistic, he can go and cheat for $10. In addition, he also like to eat, he would eat non-stop in every scene.” In order to perfect his blind character, he spend 2 months in training centre for blind to train for 4-5 hours each day. When asked to compare with Tony Leung Chiu Wai’s blind character in The Silent War, he modestly said that Tony is a very good actor, “I did not go and studied that movie of his, if everybody feel that there is any similarities, it would meant that I did as well as him.”


Actually Andy would like to play a blind lawyer, “Around year 2000, I once read the story of a blind lawyer in the newspaper, feel that it’s very meaningful, would like to adapt it into a film but director Johnnie feel that a lawyer is not as clear cut when compared to a police, now the story is more commercialize.” Andy joked that he had always wanted to fight his own script with Milkyway Image, but he “don’t dare to shoot the script he wrote, does not dare to become a director, because their script is too good, not a normal person would have thought of it.”


Blind Detective which is a crime thriller that Johnie To expertise in, but the male lead in Blind Detective is seldom seem in crime thriller, as he also directed Lau Ching Wan in Mad Detective, Johnnie said: “The theme of Mad Detective is more deep, whereas the story and theme for Blind Detective is more easy to digest and more entertainment element, Lau Ching Wan’s character is more gray whereas Andy has more abilities and stronger will of living.” Johnnie stressed that Blind Detective is more of his better films in recent years, “Compared to 10 years ago, Sammi’s acting has improved, whereas Andy is realistic with his acting in this film, his acting has reached a new level.”

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