Andy wish to father a baby in the Year of the Snake

According to reports in Hong Kong magazine Oriental Sunday, Andy Lau who always keep the privacy of his family a secret, as his wife and daughter still lead a “nomadic life”, hiding from cameras’ flashes. As his daughter is already 8-months old, sooner or later would attend preschool education classes which would greatly increase the chances of exposure. Recently he had moved into the highest floor apartment of Hampton Court, other than its high security, it has direct access to The Little Gym on the eighth level of Harbour City, he would be able to send his daughter to the well-know playgroup for lessons.


Earlier he attended one of his best friend’s daughter birthday party, Andy initially wanted to bring his whole family along but fearing being photographed by the Hong Kong media, thus he arrived alone to carry other people’s baby, but he still share his parenthood experience with fellow parents, he revealed that he would take care of his daughter personally after work, changed diaper and feeding. When talked about feeding her daughter in the middle of the night, he comically made a depressed look as he sing praise of his daughter being obedient and loved to smile.


During the gathering, Andy also took out his mobile phone to show off recent photographs of his daughter, but he was still cautious as he paid close attention that nobody would took a snapshot of his daughter’s photos. Those present pointed out that his daughter looked like her mother which Andy was proud of. When one of the fellow parents seeing him kept talking about his daughter and seized the chance to ask him if he plans to have a baby in the Year of the Snake. Andy replied: “I’ll try my best!”


In addition, fans gave him a presents and seen to put a lot of effort. Few days ago, Andy posted a photo on his blog showing off a portrait drawn by a fan which is 99% similarity, a mischievous Andy imitate the furrow look as in the portrait.

news and photos from: Apple Daily News, Liberty Times

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