Andy thought of shooting a movie for Sichuan

Since 2005, Andy Lau had set foot in Chengdu four times. When he was interviewed by on 11 May, Andy expressed that he considered himself half a people of Sichuan, and he had always wanted to shoot a movie about Sichuan.

Andy said that currently he was busy location shooting for Di Ren Jie in Hengdian, after receiving the invitation letter, thinking back that his ‘bian lian’ master is from Sichuan, being half a people of Sichuan, no matter what he would accept the invitation to perform in 5.12 China Spirit anniversary special earthquake relief gala show. When talked about his Chengdu concert 2007 and asked when would he be holding another concert in Chengdu, Andy said excitedly: “There are already several companies contacting my manager, currently we are still discussing, I would like to thank the fans of Chengdu.”

Earlier Peng Deng-huai revealed that Andy wanted to promote Chuan Opera and is currently preparing a movie titled ‘Yi Zhang Lian’ (literally translated as A Face). Andy would be the main male lead whereas Peng as the second male lead. When reporter rectify the matter with Andy, he expressed: “Currently the movie is being planned, it might not be a film of this theme. But to prepare a movie for Sichuan had always been my wish, I would try to make it come true soon.”

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