Fans gathered to catch Andy’s shooting Storm

Earlier Andy Lau braved the cold wind to continue the shooting of his new film – Storm which attracted large number of fans gathered to catch a glimpse of him. When he saw a fan carrying a baby, he immediately showed off his fatherly side to touch the baby’s head!


For the past few days, the film was location shooting in Central And Sheung Wan areas, two days ago Andy appeared at the slope road junction between Government House and Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens for location shooting. In the year 2013, Andy had a new haircut as both his side were shaved which made his face looked fuller.

When he did not need to get into location, he would have to wear a down jacket to fight the cold wind, during shooting he would wear a bullet-proof vest and seated in a car.


Andy’s appearance immediately attracted large group of fans to gather as it was a main road, occasionally the crew members had to came forward to maintain orderly of the traffic to prevent any accident from happening.


A serious Andy spent two hours to shoot the scene before leaving on foot. While he was walking, he waved and greeted the gathered fans along the way, some fans seized the chance to give him present. However, it seems that the present was not for him because it seems to be baby products for his daughter. When he discovered reporters photographing from a distance, he smiled as he looked towards their direction.


One fan brought her baby along, upon seeing Andy showed off his fatherly side as he touch the baby’s head, it was unsure if that made him missed his wife and daughter more as he fasten his pace to get home earlier.


news and photos from: Headline Daily, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao