Andy revealed why he joined Hunan TV countdown party

Around 11:31 on 31 December 2012, Andy Lau appeared on the stage of Hunan TV countdown party which raise the atmosphere of an already crowded stage, his stage charisma made all the audience became his fans, TV audience at home also did not change their TV channel after switching to Hunan TV. One reporter born in the 90s who was there for interview expressed: “This performance completely made me into an Andy Lau fan.” It can be seen that although past 50 years old, his charisma still could attract audience of all ages. In his more than 30 minutes performance of singing ‘Zhong Guo Ren’ and ‘Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian’, Andy accompanied all audience to countdown to the new year, his performance ended around 00:15 hours.


In the rehearsal before the performance, Andy accepted a short interview by the media. When talked about performing in Hunan TV countdown party, Andy quipped that the other TV stations “abandoned” him.


He later explained: “Normally I considered the TV stations’ invitation 6 months before hand, but I’m busy with films this year, many TV stations could not wait for my reply, only Hunan TV insisted on their invitation.” With these words, if a station wanted to successfully invited Andy to pull the viewership ratings, one had to have patience and sincere enough, if not it won’t be easy.

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