Andy exclaimed: “I’m very blissful!”

Hunan TV countdown concert had invited more than 30 singers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore and Malaysia as they translate their songs into wishes accompanying the audience to welcome the new year. Among the artistes were Andy Lau, Eason Chan and Jolin Tsai.


It had been 12 years since Andy last performed on the stage of a Hunan TV event, being the finale performer, dressed in red, not only he sang his classic songs like Zhong Guo Ren, Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian for 30 minutes.


When he was singing Zhong Guo Ren, he walked round the stage and allowed him to enjoy the audience applause and cheers, truly showing off his heavenly king charisma! One male fan managed to break from from the security’s defence and got onto the stage to present a bouquet of flowers to Andy and hugged him. Immediately security guards went to “pull” the fan off the stage. Andy who adored his fans did his part by “accompanying” him to prevent the fan from getting any violent treatment from the security guards, he even shouted out: “Don’t pull him!”.

It was alleged that Andy wanted to spend the transit of the new year with his wife and daughter, thus he flew to Hunan in his private jet with his family. When singing Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian, he kept reminding the audience to tell their loved one: I Love You.

Andy also seized the chance to learn from the compere how to say “I Love You” in native Changsha language which delights the fans as they replied with cheers of “Andy Lau, I Love you!”

When talked about giving new year presents to fans, Andy quipped: “Initially it should be on my lower body, but now it’s on my upper body….” Actually he used his autographed red socks and stuffed in his red western suit pocket as “scarf” as he exclaimed: “I never wore socks all my life!” When asked why he chose to gave out socks as presents, he explained that the pronunciation of socks in Cantonese resemble presents, thus he prepared 4000 autographed socks to be given out as presents to the audience.


When reporters asked Andy who will be 51 years old this year and still kept jumping around and sing, how he maintain his energy and does he had any new year wishes in the new year? Andy smiled and replied: “It’s new year and I’m very blissful, I also hope that everyone will be as blissful as me. Everybody need not worry about my life, I’m good and very happy. I know that the media always wanted to know about my family matters, but they are very accommodating as they just ask for the sake of asking. Many thanks to everybody!” He continued to exclaimed that all those with him on the stage as in the dancers and compere were very thoughtful as they were willing to accommodate him, he said: “I’m very grateful to all those beside me.”

He quipped that he wanted to describe the year 2012 as “unforgettable year” for him, he said: “It’s an unforgettable year! I wanted to tell all artistes, hope for every coming year will be unforgettable. Everybody must continue to work hard for your dreams. I will also continue to work hard with everybody.” As he spend most of 2012 to accompany his wife through her pregnancy and enjoy family life thus resulting in low work output, Andy revealed that in 2013 his main work commitments will be world concert tour, he said: “The second part of the year will focus on music, nothing much on films.”


As the 4 heavenly kings participated in countdown events in four different places, Andy exclaimed that 4 of them are still heavenly king status artistes, thus everyone naturally has tight working schedule, “Only I’m more free! Haha! Thus, organisation can still try their luck to make us appeared together on the same stage! I also hope that this day will come.”

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