Guo Tao posted shooting photo of Blind Detective

Hong Kong director Johnnie To new film Blind Detective is currently shooting, Chinese actor Guo Tao who is collaborating with Johnnie for the second time posted a photograph of the director, Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng dining on his weibo.


Andy was dressed handsomely but Sammi had some facial “injury”, however Andy had a serious look whereas a “seriously injured” Sammi was seen bursting with laughter.


The film Blind Detective narrates a detective played by Andy lost his sight during a mission due to retinal detachment, thus forced to have an early retirement. He managed to befriend a policewoman played by Sammi during a bank robbery who discovered Andy’s good hearing and sense of smell and request him to help her solve cases, thus they started to collaborate. Whereas Guo Tao is a police inspector, a former colleague of Andy and superior of Sammi.

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