A Simple Life opens in South Korea, Andy says thanks in video

Chinese film – A Simple Life starring Andy Lau and Deanie Ip opened in cinema in South Korea on 22 November 2012. Andy used a video to promote the film and said thanks to the Korean fans.

On the day of screening, the Korean film distributor Mirovision played a video of Andy which he send his greetings to the Korean audience. It is said that Andy suggested to shoot the video as he wanted to express his disappointment for not able to attend the film’s premiere and urge the Korean audience to show their support for A Simple Life and experience the touching story the film’s trying to tell in the cinema.

Andy explained: “I did went to South Korean earlier, but due to work commitments thus I could not come to Korea to promote the film,” apologizing to the film distributor and Korean fans. In the video, Andy also tried his best to promote the film, he said: “Let me introduce this film to the Korean audience. This is a simple story which is also a true story. The main characters are Luo Jie and Ah Tao. Something happened in the last part of Ah Tao’s life, this has a huge effect on Luo Jie’s feelings to her. A Simple Life made use of a normal ‘human relationship’ to touch the audience, it’s not a bad film. Hope A Simple Life will gain everybody’s support and everybody can support A Simple Life, and support me.”

A Simple Life had good box office collection in China, it also done well in many film festivals and award presentation ceremonies. It’s anticipated whether the film would have good box office collection in South Korea.

news and photos from: m1905, ent.163.com