Andy hired 10 security guards and rented apartment to protect wife and daughter

Heavenly King Andy Lau had always kept his “family matters” a secret, other than avoiding talks about his 24 years relationship with his wife Carol Zhu, hiding his marriage, he also highly protective over his daughter who was born in May 2012. In the latest issue of Hong Kong’s Next Magazine, as a cover, Andy abandoned his bungalow in Hong Kong and instead rented a high class apartment which cost him around NT$650,000 monthly rental, he also spent NT$1120,000 hiring 10 security guards for 24 hours protection, despite this, his 6-months old daughter was finally photographed.

Since becoming a father in May, other than posting the photographs of his family holding hands on his website, Carol and his daughter had never came out under extreme protection, whenever being asked of his feelings of becoming a father and his wife and daughter, Andy would just smile to avoid the question, maintaining his line between work and private life.

Next Magazine discovered that after Andy attended opening ceremony of LEAP’s new office premises and the Andy Lau Static Centre on 9 November, he made a detour to a private club in Tsim Sha Tsui, he stayed for around 1 hour before his newly purchased white 7-seaters vehicle slowly drove there and he swiftly board the car with a smile.

The vehicle then made several rounds to confirm that nobody was following before driving to the carpark of The Gateway. Then under the tight protection of 3 security guards, Andy with his wife and daughter then swiftly alighted from the vehicle and made their way to the building’s lift, Andy’s 6-months old daughter finally appeared for the first time, from what was seen, his daughter is around 70cm, body is rather tall and rounded, does not have thick hair.

The rented apartment has 3 rooms and 2 living rooms, as it’s at the top floor thus comes with a private lift that required card access. It is said that whenever Andy is not working, he would be a photographer at home to take photographs of his daughter with his camera or mobile phone, those people who had seen his daughter feel that she has big and rounded eyes, has a high nose, having the features of both father and mother.

As Andy is chairman of judging panel of this year’s Golden Horse Films Awards, he’s currently in Taiwan to watch the films, he’s unable to accompany his wife and daughter due to his busy work schedule, for protection, he had to abandon his bungalow in Kadoorie Hill and rented this more convenience, tight security apartment which also could easily change their driving route to the building, he even increase the number of his security guards from 4 to 10, among them includes retired policemen, each’s monthly salary would cost him HK$300,000.

However, with his daughter suffered this paparazzi shot, Andy’s priority after returning to Hong Kong would be studying the loopholes.

news and photos from: Apple Daily News Taiwan,,