Jetting between Hong Kong and Taiwan within 3 days, Andy is not tired for GHFA

Andy Lau is the chairman of the judging panel for this year’s Golden Horse Films Awards (GHFA), no matter how busy he is, he still has to watch all 36 nominated films. After arriving in Taiwan last week to watch the films, he jetted back to Hong Kong for 3 days for shooting, he returned to Taiwan yesterday to continue to watch another two documentary films, when asked if he’s tired, he said: “Not tired.” Other than the presence of the heavenly king for this year’s award, it’ll be a rare sight that all 19 nominees for the Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress would attend the presentation ceremony.

Since arrived in Taiwan on 13 November, Andy had watched more than 10 films. He returned to Taiwan again yesterday to watch Hand in Hand and another film. When he discovered the fans waiting for him when walked out of the cinema, he did not looked tired and was all smiles.

For the award presenters list, other than Lin chiling, Li Bingbing, Angelababy and Stephen Fung, it was announced that Jackie Chan would also made a trip to Taiwan to attend the ceremony.

news and photos from: Taiwan Apple Daily News