Andy watch GHFA nominated films

As the chairman of the judging panel for 49th Golden Horse Films Awards (GHFA), Andy Lau appeared at SPOT HuaShan Cinema to watch nominated film – Motorway. Andy entered the cinema after the lights were dimmed, the audience were not aware that they were watching a movie with Andy. Andy would be staying in Taiwan till 24 November 2012, he would jet back to Hong Kong for one day for shooting, thus fans would still stand a chance to catch a glimpse of him by stationing themselves at cinemas.

Andy left his wife and daughter at home for the long stay in Taiwan, he expressed that being a judge was like “having lessons” as he would need to exchange his opinions with other judges via discussion. The Golden Horse Films Awards wanted all judges to watch all nominated films on cinema’s silver screen, they would need to re-watch the film even they had watched it beforehand. Andy expressed that he had already watched 4 films in Hong Kong to prepare himself, but he would need to watch all 36 nominated films in cinema.

There was a leak of the winners’ list two years, additional security was enforced last year, none of the judges would know the winner after casting their votes, except judging panel chairman, GHFA Executive Committee Chief Executive Officer Wen Tien-Hsiang and his lawyer. Andy quipped: “If everyone already knew that I’m the winner, I can’t acted that I did not know. When I present the award on the stage, I can only follow what was written on the script, everyone please don’t look at my eyes.”

Andy dressed causally to watch the film, when he discovered reporters, he also chatted with them. With his role as the judging panel chairman, he could not express any opinion on the films. He said: “I had watched many of the films, being a judge could not judge the films with his memories, thus had to watch again in order to pin-point the good and bad of a film before discussing with the other judges.”

Having watched more than 10 films in 4 days, estimated to watch 3-4 films per day, Andy still looked fresh, he quipped: “I’m feeling good, I’m not tired!”

news and photos from: Liberty Times,, Apple Daily News, Sing Tao News