Andy would pick Idy Chan or Rosamund Kwan as girlfriend

Hosted by Luisa Maria Leitao, TVB talk-show – Best Actor will premiere tomorrow night, each episode’s interviewee is a Best Actor award winner, the first to be interviewed is 3-timed Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor and 2-timed Golden Horse Film Awards Best Actor – Andy Lau.

When talked about the numerous actresses that he had collaborated all these years, Andy feel that he paired up well with Jacklyn Wu Chien Lien. If he would to pick as girlfriend among them, he would pick Idy Chan or Rosamund Kwan. The reason being Idy is pretty and elegant, for many years she’s still his “little dragon girl”, whereas Rosamund has “Quali and Body”, but he was already attached thus he didn’t think much.

When talked about Anita Mui having a crush on him, Andy feel that it’s just admiration as they understand each other very well and each other’s lifestyle.

Andy revealed that among all the film directors that he had collaborated, the most temperamental will be Johnnie To as he was scolded by him before. Johnnie even quipped that when he heard Andy sang ‘Yat Hei Jau Gwoh Dik Yat Ji’, Johnnie told him: “So Andy Lau could sing!”

In addition, Andy working attitude is being related to an ox, but actually Andy did take some time off for a 2 weeks overseas trip with his family each year.

news and photos from: Headline Daily, Macao Daily, Hong Kong Daily, Sing Tao, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News