Andy revealed he once expressed his love to Idy Chan

Earlier Andy Lau was interviewed by Luisa Maria Leitao in her TVB talk-show – Best Actor as he talked about his close female friends – Idy Chan, Anita Mui and Rosamund Kwan. It was alleged that he’s gay in the past, Andy quipped: “I remember Carina Lau once told me: You don’t even have feelings for me, you must be gay.”

Andy first talked about the late Anita Mui: “Both of us admired each other, both of us knew about our lifestyle, when we dine together, we would go with our other halves.”

With regards to “little dragon girl” Idy Chan and Rosamund Kwan, he revealed that either one of them could became his girlfriend, “If I do not have a girlfriend, there’s possibility that Idy could become my girlfriend. Rosamund also stand a chance, I really feel that she’s very beautiful when I befriend her, she’s top notch be it internal or her outlook, too bad I’m already attached, thus I didn’t think too much! Idy is also very beautiful, later I found out that she was the girlfriend of my idol (Chow Yun Fat), I have to give up the idea, she really gave me the feeling of little dragon girl, she differentiate black and white clearly, I did expressed my feelings for her, but she only replied: Hahaha…..”

There was allegation that Andy was gay, with regards to it, he quipped: “Actually people was asking if Andy Lau is gay, many believed I’m, when the news came out, many stand out to declare to be my boyfriend.” Andy added: “I remember Carina Lau once told me: You don’t even have feelings for me, you must be gay.”

After becoming a heavenly king, what depressed him most was when his father told him that he dislike going overseas holiday with him, “He told me that we need to run away if we see a Chinese, dad loved to drink tea in tea houses, wherever we go, I would help him to check if there is tea houses there. I wanted to accompany him, but it’s difficult, because everybody is Chinese in tea houses, seldom overseas tea houses have guest rooms, thus sometimes I would asked him to go for tea while I waited in the car.”

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