Switch pushed back its screening date

According to the distributor of Switch, the release date of the film will be pushed back. This is due to the film’s music producer Y.Z.Tan fall sick and was hospitalized thus unable to complete the film’s music creation, the film company had no choice but to re-arrange their post production plans. The original release date of 2 November will be re-arranged.

Switch distributing company Pegasus & Taihe Entertainment International made an announcement that the production of the film’s music could not be completed thus the screening date will be delayed. It is said that the film is currently undergoing 3D post production in America, meanwhile the young music producer of the film Y.Z.Tan fall sick six months ago and had stopped work, after some treatment he’s still not able to resume work. In order to maintain the standard of the film’s music, Pegasus & Taihe Entertainment International had no choice but to delay the screening date. “In order to reduce the pressure on Mr. Y.Z.Tan and a speedy recovery, in addition to maintain the standard production of Switch, the film has no choice but to adjust its post production planning and screening date, the film will not be screened on the original 2 November, nothing had been decided.”

The film was initially scheduled to meet the audience during the National Day holidays, due to more time required for the 3D post production, thus it redraw itself from the National Day holidays’ screening slots, now with its music producer falling sick, the post production need to be re-arranged. It looked like fans hoping to see the charismatic Andy in Dubai would have to wait a little longer.

news and photos from: Sina.com