Andy used 3 minutes to mingle with children

For many years, Andy Lau has been the Prestigious Guardian of Ronald McDonald House, this year he shoot the commercial for McHappy Day’s Kidathon. The shooting was carried out at Sunny Bay Station with several children, the children dashed towards him and he showed off his fatherly side.

On the day of shooting at Sunny Bay Station, all the children dashed towards him upon seeing him, within 3 minutes he managed to mingle with the children and they ran towards a new world, using love, laughter and action to spread the message of “children helping children”.

Despite the hot weather on the day of shooting, Andy still put all his effort to play with the children till he forgot about the hot weather, the whole shooting process was full of laughter. Andy and the children keep running to enjoyment of doing sports, his enthusiasm and innocent laughter of the children made the scene full of warmth.

On 3 November, Andy will personally lead the children to join the Kidathon as he urged everybody’s support to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, he hope that more children could join the Kidathon, to challenge themselves and spread the message of “children helping children” to raise funds to help the sick children and their family members.

news and photo from: Sing Tao, Sing Pao, Wei Wen Po,, Hong Kong Daily, Headline Daily, Ming Pao