Andy encourages Hongkongers in TVB’s Power Up Hong Kong

Within these 10 years, Hong Kong had went through the economic crisis in 1997 and SARS in 2003, Hong Kong manages speedy recovery after these two major “disasters” and get back on track. With the 2008 economic tsunami, Hong Kong is facing a shrinking economy, thus resulting the cut in salary and retrenchment in 2009, this worried people.

On seeing this, TVB immediately tried to encourage Hongkongers with Power Up Hong Kong, using a catch phrase of “Do all your best to make Hong Kong better, show the strength of Hong Kong”, produce a close-to-heart program to encourage Hongkongers.

Hongkongers of all status including celebrities were invited to share their Power Up Hong Kong moment in one minute. The artistes also share their personal survival story with TVB Weekly as they urged all to use an encouraging view and attitude to face all tests and challenges, using the right way to show the undying spirit of Hongkongers.

One of the artiste is Andy Lau, he said: “Everybody remembered that I was being put in cold storage for one year plus, of course there will be times that I’m unhappy, but I quickly remind myself that I must face the future in a positive way, I used the time to learn horse riding, learn to speak Mandarin and English, learn kung-fu and do sports….. as these would be useful when I work and shooting movies, thus I feel that when face with difficulties, one must face it in a positive way to increase one’s value.”

“Last year’s financial tsunami made many people disappointed, one say when one is unhappy, they would require more entertainment. Thus I urge all workers in showbiz, for Hongjongers and people in other countries following Hong Kong productions, to provide more entertainment in order for all to face the future in a positive manner.”

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