Carol and Andy relationship still intact, just moved house

In the Oriental Sunday published on 4 May, it was reported that Carol Zhu Liqian whom was originally scheduled to be married by Andy Lau in April, however when the news broke out and media started to report it, the wedding had been postponed. Earlier, the magazine received news that Carol had moved out of Andy’s apartment in Kadoorie Hill and currently staying at Pacific Palisades.


Oriental Sunday reported that Carol had been the “woman behind Andy” for 24 years without requesting any status or price, but recently Andy is under pressure from Zhu’s family and Andy also think that it’s time that he give Carol a status thus decided to end the love marathon in April.

In February, Andy and Carol whom are normally low profile were photographed together in Malaysia for the first time in history, thus news of the wedding surfaced. It’s alleged that Andy gave Carol’s father a bungalow worth $70million as dowry, the wedding supposed to be held at the end of April after Andy’s concert tour, even the initial guest list had been finalized.

Oriental Sunday pointed out that the high profile media report on the wedding angered Andy, in addition that his worries of the wedding would troubled his fans where the former Yang Lijuan incident came to mind, thus he asked Carol to be extra low profile and moved out of his Kadoorie Hill apartment and stay in another arranged apartment.

Oriental Sunday spotted Andy’s white nanny car at Causeway Bay, later a causal dressed Carol wearing a black rimmed glasses, looking lonely appeared, Andy’s assistant asked her to board the white nanny car. Upon spotting the presence of reporter, Carol appeared shocked.

Carol immediately ignore Andy’s assistant and hailed a taxi, she board the taxi immediately and was seen her asking the taxi driver to drive faster.

The Hong Kong media guessed that the relationship between Andy and Carol is over, but insider said that it’s impossible that they broke off, “It’s impossible for both of them to end the relationship, Carol had contributed so much for Andy all these years, she’s willing to do everything for Andy, to avoid the media’s attention, Carol had no choice but to stop staying in the same apartment with Andy for the moment, this does not represent that they had broke off.