Another chaotic location shooting at Mongkok for Andy and Sammi

Two nights ago, Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng returned to the busy streets of Mongkok for location shooting of Johnnie To’s Blind Detective. As the shooting was carried out at the busy streets, the shooting crew had done their homework as they prepared everything below asking the two superstars out, but they were once again surrounded by citizens and tourists who took photographs of them, resulting in a commotion which affected the shooting due to the cameras’ flashes thus angered Johnnie who was directing the shooting as he seated in a van.

Andy was Sammi’s escort as he took good care of her. Due to the chaotic of the previous night, only individual scenes were shot, but their scenes together was finally shot on the night, can considered as smoothly completed.

The shooting started with Andy walking slowly down the streets using a blind man’s cane, he then bumped into Sammi who was carrying several bags of take-aways. The shooting of them together then continued, due to the heavy crowd, the crew members had to opened the way for them. However, Andy and Sammi were once being forced to be separated from each other, Andy then nervously told the crew members: “Don’t bother me, take care of Sammi.” Because Sammi was being pulled away by other crew members onto the car. In the end, they continued shooting the scene together with Andy holding onto Sammi’s hand.

Despite the chaotic environment, both of them were not nervous as they allowed the reporters to take photographs of them. Andy even asked the crew members not to block the view of the reporters and allow them to take photographs. Sammi then sing praise of Andy: “When shooting film, the most pressurize for me is to put on makeup for many hours, envy my good partner Andy! He need not put up makeup and his facial features are also shiny, naturally blessed looks!”

news and photos from: Ming Pao, Sing Tao