Andy’s images in Switch revealed

Secret agent action film Switch starring Andy Lau, Yu Dawei, Zhang Jingchu and Lin Chiling is currently undergoing post production, it will be screened in the cinema on 2 November in 2D and 3D format. The 3D post production is handled by the team who did Avatar.

Earlier the film company released a series of photographs of Andy in the film showing several sides of him which includes gentleman secret agent, sorrow secret agent, secret agent in black and other looks, perfectly showing off a mature man’s charisma and the sides of a Chinese super secret agent.

In the released photographs, Andy was dressed gentlemanly in a white suit, or moustached sorrow look, or dressed all black as a secret agent in the mid of a mission. One thing to note, in the series of sorrow look, behind his back is a tombstone craved his name in the film 1971-2006, this would make one make guesses of his identity and story in the film. According to the film company, Andy is a top-notch Chinese secret agent, skillful, full of charisma and master of disguise.

Early this year, Andy had won his third Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor award with A Simple Life, his acting in Switch would be completely different from A Simple Life, in 2012, he walked within the boundaries of art and commercial. With the good box office collection of A Simple Life, Andy had proved himself in acting out the detail for a film character, meanwhile in this huge budget action film, hopefully it would win some praises for Chinese secret agent films.

According to the film director Sun Jianjun, he introduce: “In order to display the multiple images of a secret agent, we designed different images for him, the most difficult part is to design different action scenes for different image.” Other than the action scenes, the inner feelings of his character would be also a highlight for the film.

Different from other secret agent action film which concentrates on one relationship, Andy would be involved with Zhang Jingchu and Lin Chiling, the film will look into humanity and love relationship which made Switch different from other similar films in terms of deep thinking and romance. With Andy taking up the role, he would inject his own trademark thus making it an exclusive character in a film.

Andy expressed: “I’m very excited when shooting this film!” Being a workaholic, the shooting required him to move from one location to another location before continuing shooting, due to the tight schedule, he would required to change his costume in the vehicle thus when he arrived the next venue, he would already dressed in the costume and ready for shooting. This sort of tight schedule made him feel enriched as it’s like back to shooting Hong Kong films in the 80s.

With regards to collaborating with Lin Chiling, Andy expressed that she’s very friendly and it’s delighting collaborating with her and the whole crew loves her.

Meanwhile, Cold Wars would be screened in the cinema in October,although he only cameo in the film but Andy sing praise of the film: “The script is very attracting, the scheming battles within the senior officers in the police force is a rare theme nowadays, I anticipated the film!”

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