Andy used newbie director in his new film investment

After investing in A Simple Life, Andy Lau invested in yet another film titled Mei Nan Ji which the whole production team was born after 1980s. The cast includes Sunnie Huang, Du Haitao, Jerry Wu Jianfei, Z-Chen and Rynn Lim. It is said that since the success of Crazy Stone and last year’s Love Is Not Blind which triggered the market, Andy once again shifted his direction at low budgeted films as he invested in this love theme script.

Andy immediately decided to invest in the film after reading Mei Nan Ji’s script, other that attracted by the script, he also has a good relationship with the producer Wang Liang. He also intended to cameo in the film, taking up the dream lover character “Andy Lau” of the female lead. Sources said that director Ning Hao of Crazy Stone fame recommend himself to be the film’s director but Andy feel that his style does not suit Mei Nan Ji and thus rejected him, in the end Andy decided to hire a newbie director – Chen Zhi Yue, giving those potential filmmakers a chance.

news and photo from: Ming Pao, Sing Tao News

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