Andy: “Sorry, I don’t like married woman!”

Anna Yau Hoi Man who just got married in July held a press conference for her new book You Are the Queen and the promotion of You Are the Queen II fashion variety show, she invited three person whom she described as the most important persons in her life which includes Andy Lau, Ocean Chan and Ho Lai Chuen, her good friends Carrie Lam and Bonnie Xian Se-Li also attended. Ho Lai Chuen presented Anna with wedding biscuit to congratulate her of promoting to Mrs. Lai.

Anna whom was signed up by Andy’s company many years ago expressed that Andy has great influence on her career, she would remember the meaning of life and theory that Andy had told her, she quipped: “I addressed him as Dr., but I couldn’t understand what he told during that time, I only understand later.” Although it might not be of use to him, but Anna still gave Andy a copy of her book.

Andy expressed that he had known Anna for 20 years, she informed him that she was getting married which gave him a feeling of marrying off his “daughter”. He said: “Known her for a long time, can’t say that there’s no feelings, when informed that she’s getting married, I suddenly feel that I’m her elder, feeling of marrying off a daughter, but I was rather busy that period that no chance to went over.” Andy exclaimed that he asked Anna what wedding gift she wanted but she did not give a reply. When asked if Anna wanted him as present? Andy quipped: “She ca have everything, except me.” When interviewed, Anna also did not indicate what she wants, a comical Andy then quipped: “Sorry, I don’t like married woman.” Anna then expressed that Andy attending the event was already the best present.

Andy revealed that the principal of the secondary school that he studied recently retired, he had a gathering with 70 others school mates and the principal, they returned to the school’s basketball court to play soccer. He pointed out that many school mates brought their wives and children, when asked if he had brought his daughter? Andy exclaimed that he does not wish to reveal his private life.

With regards to the allegation that Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui are getting married this October in Japan, Andy appeared stunned when told of the allegation and request the reporters to ask clearly and inform him if there is any news. Andy explained that he does not ask other artistes’ private life, he said: “I feel that with my relationship with Sammi, she should have tell me something but she didn’t. I don’t know, I won’t ask her, the best would be the reporters find out and inform me. (Did she leave any clue as in applying leave from shooting?) Nope, shooting yet started so I’m unsure.” Meanwhile, the shooting of Blind Detective will resume around 15 or 20 August. When asked if he would miss his daughter after starting work, Andy expressed that he’s used to this kind of life.

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