Andy: I’ll kill you if you love another person!

Andy Lau Wonderful World Concert Tour Chongqing stop was held last night and the 2009 Mainland China concert tour also came to an end. More than 40,000 fans enjoyed 3 hours of visual and listening buffet with Andy at Olympic Sports Centre. Andy’s love to his fans cannot be discounted as during the concert he said “I Love You” many times to them, he also quipped: “All these applause only belongs to Andy Lau. If I know that all of you love another person, I will surely kill all of you!”

Although there is no alleged “flying man” opening, Andy used ‘Zhong Guo Ren’ in the opening won cheers and applause from the 40,000 crowd. Andy wore his trademark white suspender trousers, occasionally revealing his abs which the female fans kept screaming out loud. When singing every song, the audience will shout out: “Andy Lau, I love you!” Just singing the third song ‘Nan Ren Ku Ba Bu Shi Zui’, Andy started to cry.

As per the organizer promoted, the stage was grand and the huge LED screen kept changing the displayed pictures.

After showing off his tone body, Andy changed into a white “navy officer” uniform and returned to the stage. Andy even gave the fans a military salute. His handsome outlook once again challenge the female fans visual limits. Together with ‘Tai Xiang Ai’, ‘An Li Zhao Mi’, ‘Ni Shi Wo De Nv Ren’ and other songs, Andy and two female dancers performed some exciting dances. Some of the extreme movements make the fans screamed to the max.

Andy love to communicate with hi fans as he discussed with them: “Tonight is my last performance, do you want to have a crazy night?” He then asked: “Who among you remember how Andy Lau looked like 20 years ago? There is only one word to describe me: handsome!”

“20 years ago, I’m handsome, 20 years later, I’m still handsome! When girls looked for boyfriend, please don’t take me as a standard as I’m too old. All your applause only belong to Andy Lau. If I find out that you had fall in love with another person, I will surely kill all of you! Of course, I could not request that you just love me, I have to say, if I was to stand beside the artiste that you also love, you should give me the louder applause!”

Andy spotted banner with writing of “Mrs. Lau”, he began to question the fans: “What does Mrs. Lau means, my wife? So how many wives came today?” Suddenly, thousands of Mrs. Lau appeared. He asked the fans to sing ‘Wang Qing Shui’ with him as he quipped: “Who didn’t sing along, I’ll chase you out.”

“Many thanks to all of you for coming here, do you know why I kept having concerts around cities in China? Because I know that there is only one Andy Lau, with so many fans, it’s impossible for me to be beside you everyday, I can only be together with you during concert. In future I’ll become your fans, applause for you. Please remember, in future, you will still be a fan, his name is Andy Lau. Many thanks to you, thanks everybody!”

“Came to Chongqing many times, the last time I came all of you still a little girl, found your boyfriend? Still waiting for me? I cannot as I’m old. Being an artist like me, it’s worth this life. Next life I’ll still be called Andy Lau, I hope that our relationship will be end in this life, next life I’ll also not change my name, if you encounter another person named Andy Lau, the person is me.”

news from: Chongqing Times,, Chongqing Wanbao