Andy talked about his height phobia

Andy Lau, Lin Chiling and Zhang Jingchu went for the photo shoot for the poster of their latest film – Switch and took the chance to do some promotion yesterday, the film’s boss Peter Lam was also present to pay them a visit but he soon left after the champagne opening ceremony. Although the photo shoot was at the remote Chai Wan Estate, but several fans who were on summer holiday did went to catch a glimpse of Andy.

The two female leads also dressed sexily and posed as though they were models on the platform, as Andy quipped: “It looked like I’m attending a beauty pageant.” Some seize the chance to ask if he’ll give permission to his daughter to take part in beauty pageant, he smiled and did not give any answer.

Zhang Jingchu wore an elegant and classy dress revealing her slim waist, Lin Chiling resume her sexy goddess image as she wore a silver dress revealing her back and long legs. Meanwhile Andy did not lose out to the actresses as he wore a white western suit showing off his gentleman charisma. When talked about the sexy dressing, Lin Chiling looked at Zhang Jingchu and said: “I just looking at her, in the film she is more conservative, while I’m more open.” Zhang Jingchu pointed out that there was a scene where Chiling was injured and need to wrap her body, it had a transparent feel, very sexy!

Andy exclaimed that the film had completed shooting a long time ago and yesterday then the photo shoot for the poster, it was alleged that the film will hit the cinema either during Christmas or in October, thus Andy rather gave the answer of “really don’t know”. The film has a poetic Chinese title but it is an action film which secret agent as its theme. As he will be surrounded by two beauties, he still remembers the collaboration: “I have many action scenes with Lin Chiling, she’s very hardworking, just like when I first entered showbiz as she did most of the dangerous scenes. This is my first time as a couple with Zhang Jingchu, many intimate scenes, but it’s more difficult than the fighting scenes.” Andy quipped that both actresses worked so hard for the fighting scenes, thus he could not be lazy. With regards to Andy’s claim, Lin Chiling sing praise to Andy, pointing out that Andy did all the fighting in the film, he’s so determined and serious as he did all the fighting himself, thus the actresses whom initially gave 30% had to go all the way to 100%.

It’s known that Andy had phobia of height, he clarify the allegation: “Indeed I have phobia of height, there was a scene that I need to jump from high height, I only did the close up whereas the rest was did by a body double.” He remember that he was required to stand at the edge of the roof when shooting Running Out of Time, the director need to steadied him by tying a rope to his leg and hold him by the crew member, he said: “The crew will occasionally pull the rope hard, maybe wanted to give me a feeling that someone is holding me and won’t be scared, but it did no good as my heart beat an extra beat with every pull, in the end I asked him not to pull the rope.” He explained what the body double told him, the higher it get will be safer because there will be enough time to prepare for landing.

When asked if the two actresses gave him the convenience by coming from Taiwan and Mainland China respectively for the poster photo shoot, he expressed that he knew nothing: “Since World Without Thieves, all my poster photo shoot were in Hong Kong.”

Both Lin Chiling and Zhang Jingchu claimed that they had not see Andy’s daughter, Chiling exclaimed that she would find chance to peek at Andy’s phone to check if there is photograph of his daughter. Zhang Jingchu exclaimed that she heard from Peter Lam that the baby resemble her mother, very pretty. She added: “I met Andy earlier, I feel that he looked more like a kid when compared to the past, maybe this is the reason behind it for him to be more active and cheerful.”

In addition, Disney initally was to collaborate with DMG to shoot Iron Man 3 and location shooting in Shanghai was scheduled this month and alleged that Andy, Huang Xiaoming and Fan Bingbing could collaborate with Robert Downey Jr., but State Administration of Radio Film and Television has yet gave approval as it has opinion of the script, it ended up that Disney had gave up the collaboration and venturing into Chinese market, resulting the location shooting in Shanghai to be cancelled, thus need not to have Chinese actors involved.

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