Andy bought new mansion for his daughter

Since his wife gave birth to a daughter on 9 May, Andy Lau had been staying at home to accompany his wife and daughter, on 6 July he finally made a public appearance in Shanghai, when asked of his wife and daughter, he expressed: “I’m currently blissful!” Although Andy tried to kept secret about his family, but according to the latest issue of Hong Kong magazine Oriental Sunday, he who stayed together with his parents for many years decided to “move out” as he had bought another mansion in Kadoorie Hill alleged worth HK$2 billion for his daughter as present, it would be more convient for him to accompany his wife and daughter for the whole day and also more space for her daughter to play.

It’s well known in showbiz that Andy is a workaholic, since the birth of his daughter, he took leave for a total 58 days which ended on 6 July. When asked by media about his family, he expressed: “You’re so stubborn asking, so I’m stubborn in not answering.” In the end, he told reporters: “With regards to family matters, I seldom discuss in public, but I can tell everybody that currently I’m blissful.” He seems to be stubborn towards the media, but to his showbiz friends, he had already shared his joy of becoming a father, as one of the artiste under his company Anna Yau Hoi Man revealed that Andy called her to tell her the good news as he quipped that he was busy taking care of his daughter everyday, changing her diaper. Meanwhile, director Derek Yee also revealed in a blog post of his gathering: “Andy arrived after his daughter went to sleep, I asked him if he knew how to change diaper and he replied Of Course!”

Andy’s new mansion has two storey of more than 200 square feet with 10 meters high wall around it, to enter the premise need to go through two gates, thus the privacy is comparable to his current apartment. The new mansion is more spacious than the current one and is surrounded by trees thus fresher air which is suitable for her daughter to grow up on. The renovation had completed, there will be enough space for a playground for her daughter.

In 1988, Andy bought his current apartment in Kadoorie Hill with HK$2000,000 to stay with his parents, he bought the adjoined apartment in 1995 to stay with Carol. To welcome the new life, Carol handpicked a mansion in 2006, due to his busy work schedule, he did not move it. According to an insider who revealed: “Andy is a well known workaholic, till his wife got pregnant, he’s worried that his wife would be disturbed by paparazzi, he decided to start renovating, once he got started he would want the best. Before the birth of his daughter, he had already spent millions to renovate a 50 feet square room into a baby room, the floor was installed with padding to prevent his daughter from falling down.”

There is security system in Andy’s new mansion as those inside could monitor the situation outside. When reporter’s car drove past the new mansion, security guard spotted the car and began observing from afar, considered tight security.

Recently, Andy went to collect the birth certificate of his two months old daughter, it showed that he gave her an English name “Hanna”, which has a meaning of “gracious”. It is said that Andy had already jet off to Malaysia for a low profile two months celebration for his daughter, nobody from showbiz were invited, it was held in the restaurant of Carol’s uncle in Berjaya Times Square, everything was kept simple. But the Buddhist couple also had a blessing ceremony for their daughter wishing her to grow up healthy. They also scout for any suitable kindergarten for their daughter. An insider revealed: “The couple had plans to sent her to a kindergarten in Malaysia as there are too many paparazzi in Hong Kong which made them nervous, they also plan to send her to primary school in Singapore which has a good education system, it’s also convient for relatives in Malaysia to take care of her. For this trip to Malaysia, they had picked an all-girls boarding school, manners will be taught other than studying, Kate Middleton wife of Prince William also studied at an all-girls boarding school.”

news and photos from:, Liberty Times