Andy wished lecher magician will reflect himself

Andy Lau will be releasing his latest Cantonese album on 14 February as he went to Commercial Radio for interview. When talked about the recent “magic lecher” incident in TVB, with his love for magic he expressed that this incident tarnish the name of magic as he hope that this matter will cool down soon, the name of the offender should not be revealed as he should reflect on his actions.

Having started out from the TV station himself, he also noticed of the recent “magic lecher” which is worrying everybody. The “magic lecher” surely tarnish the name of magic by some extent. Everybody knew that Andy loved magic, he admit that when one know magic could befriend the opposite sex, success is 100%. He says: “With magic you’re able to communicate more with strangers, you can befriend the opposite sex, it will be a success every time.”

Andy said that when performing magic one must be fully concentrated, the way the offender perform magic would not be a success. Andy was informed by the reporters that the offender used the excuse of using a magic trick of handkerchief going through the body to molest female artistes. Andy seems surprised and curiously asked back the reporter: “So this is what happened? I don’t know this trick and never heard of this trick as magic does not need as physical contact with the human body. (So you’re saying the offender used magic to molest?) It’s not right to use this to molest, to me this is not fair to magic, after this had been exposed, other methods will be used next time.”

Many male and female artistes think that the offender should be revealed thus to warn others of him, so does Andy agree that the offender to be revealed? Andy said: “It depends on whether all of you wanted him to reflect and change, if I don’t know him, it does not concern me thus I will say reveal his name, but if you want him to change we shall give him some space.” If the offender name is not revealed, many male artistes will be suspected as the culprit, Andy pointed out that this cannot be avoided, he said: “Kingdom Yuen saying out this matter is just wanted to alert female artistes to be careful, but media make a fuss of it thus affecting the other male artistes.” He hope the TV station will solve this issue internally and ask the offender to reflect on his wrong doings, if the offender insist that he’s correct, the ending would be much worst.

In addition, Andy was also asked if he would be under huge pressure if he declare his love relationships? Andy said: “Nope, but I’m scared as not everyone being told the news will give me good blessing. For the recent promotions, I’ve fallen into the trap, if I have a girlfriend and was photographed visiting the married Sandra Ng house and the media made a fuss out of it, it’s not worth to be blamed for such matters.”

news from: Wei Wen Po, Headline Daily, Ming Pao, Sing Tao News