Andy: “I’m very blissful”

This year is Cartier wristwatches “Year of Tank”, celebrating the 95 anniversary of the Tank series wristwatches and releasing the brand new Tank Anglaise wristwatches, it held its Asian press conference two nights ago in Shanghai. Heavenly King Andy Lau and Italian artist Monica Bellucci were present for the event. Andy who seldom talked about his family life, unexpectedly expressed: “I’m blissful at the moment!”

In May 2012, Andy promoted to become a father, being a workaholic, he stopped work for close to two months to accompany his wife and daughter, this is his first public appearance since the birth of his daughter. He seems to be in good spirits and a gentleman as per usual, when asked of his feeling of becoming a father by the media, initially he seems reserved and did not reply, but finally revealed his blissful smile and revealed that he put on some blissful weight, “I seldom reveal matters regarding to my family, but I can say now that I’m blissful. I put on weight, from round to square”, all his delight of becoming a father showed.

The reporters then asked of his time with his daughter, he expressed: “I tried to say less in front of the camera, not that I do not want to share, but some things are better left for myself to reflect. I can tell you in private, if you’re interested, you can arrange with me for discussion.”

When asked of his work schedule, Andy said: “No special planning, other than collaborating with Johnnie To in a film which has yet completed shooting as awaiting notice to resume shooting, follow by support the Paralympic Games in London, this is what I did for every Olympic Games.” It’s alleged that he will cut down his work load to spend more time with his family, Andy explained and clarified that he did not cut down his work load because of his family, he doesn’t want to shoot several films at the same time for quality assurance.

With regards to him earlier gathering with Derek Yee in his home and Derek revealing that he told him that he knew how to change diapers, when asked Andy quipped: “Derek said too much!”

Monica Bellucci wore a leopard spots dress as she greet everyone with fluent Mandarin, “Ni hao, Shanghai” (Hello, Shanghai) before revealing that she had seen the night scene at Shanghai Bund, ate Shanghai food and bought toys for her children. She expressed her wish to collaborate with Chinese director, she said: “I had met Wong Kar Wai in Cannes, Andy Lau is a talented person.”

When Andy took photographs with Monica Bellucci, being gentleman, he put his hand round her waist.

news and photos from: Apple Daily News, Liberty Times, Hong Kong Daily, Sing Pao, Sing Tao, Ming Pao