Wong Jing unhappy that Andy’s Lee Rock “too perfect”

I Corrupt All Cops will be screened in the cinemas from 30 April, in the film Tong Leung Kar Fai is Lee Le Gong which is the same historic figure acted by Andy Lau in Lee Rock. During the interview with reporter, the film’s director Wong Jing think that Andy acted out “Lee Rock” too perfect thus he hope that Tony would show out the “evil and cold hearted” side of corrupted cops to the audience.

Andy once acted out the corrupted cop in Lee Rock, which is similar to the character of Tony in I Corrupt All Cops, actually the characters in both films are referring to corrupted cop Lu Yue. When reporters asked why Wong Jing picked Tony as this character for this film, Wong Jing expressed that he always think that Andy is too handsome, too perfect that he sighed: “I always think that the film Lee Rock is more towards love and actions, Andy being handsome cannot be denied, the audience had fall into the hardworking story of Lee Rock but forget about the truth of the building of the corrupted cop empire.”

Wong Jing expressed that he hope the wrong impression can be corrected in I Corrupt All Cops, “I personally hope that Tony Leung’s Lee Le Gong would be a more cold bloodied and smarter figure, I don’t need the audience to feel sad for him.” However, Wong Jing stress that I Corrupt All Cops is not related to Lee Rock, “Tony Leung’s character is a totally different character with Andy’s character.”

news from: ent.qq.com