A Simple Life touches London audience

Hong Kong films has done very well in the first half of 2012, Love in the Buff, A Simple Life and The Viral Factor have an average of HK$20,000,000 box office takings. Among them, Love in the Buff and A Simple Life are leading the way with their box office taking of $27,974,902 and $27,776,345 respectively, a minor difference of $200,000. Love in the Buff became the Hong Kong films’ box office champion with A Simple Life in second and The Viral Factor in third with a box office taking of $22,212,450.

Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association also revealed the top 10 box office Western films, The Avengers had collected a total of $96,584,951 since it opened in 25 April which second place MIB3 further behind at $44,113,103 and third is Journey 2: The Mysterious Island at $35,217,217.

Looking at how the films are doing in the cinema for the first part of 2012, a total box office taking of $753,967,014 when compared to 2011’s $633,185,027 of the same period, an increase of 19.08%.

Meanwhile, A Simple Life was being selected as the opening film for Hong Kong 15 Film Festival at Terracotta Far East Film Festival, the film’s producer Roger Lee Yan-Lam was in London to attend the seminar and share his shooting experience of the film with the audience. What touched Roger that although most of the audience were Westerners but they were moved by the film and some even cried, he feel that A Simple Life has broken the different countries’ restriction, he quipped: “Even foreigners sing priase of the film, actually they understand the film, he added that A Simple Life is doing very well with regards to distribution, it will be screened in Germany later, when asked why the two leads did not follow him to London, he quipped that Andy Lau is busy taking care of his daughter, it’s already hard to see him, meanwhile Deanie Ip went for a holiday to recharge herself, Ann Hui was in Mongolia for location shooting sighting, everybody is busy thus he’s the sole representative.”

news and photo from: Ming Pao, Sing Tao