Sandra revealed that Andy is working hard as a father

Sandra Ng and Anita Yuen attended the opening ceremony of McDonald’s I’m Amazing activity. Sandra was asked if she had visited Andy Lau to see his daughter, she expressed that she could not find time to pay a visit as she only keep in contact with Andy via SMSes, she also expressed that Andy would not be organizing a 100 days banquet and added that Andy is currently working hard to take care of his daughter.

Sandra expressed that Andy needed some time to take care of his daughter, in addition to the current wide spreading of bacteria, if many people carry the daughter, it would not be too good, had to wait till the baby is 3 months before visiting her. When asked if Andy will be organizing a 100 days banquet, Sandra said: “I think not, everybody should know how low profile Andy is, (Did he asked any tips from you on taking care daughter?) Ha, nope, I was asking him if a new father like him could take care of his daughter, he told me he could, actually every father is working hard to take care of their baby. (Does the baby has an English name?) I don’t know!”

Fengshui master Peter So and Juanita Cheng were in studio for the recording for digital radio, Peter looked at the life of Miriam Yeung’s son and Andy’s daughter, he sing praise that they are golden balls, will have good life and luck.

With regards to Andy’s daughter, her life is beneficial to her husband, Peter said: “She will have good luck starting from 11 years old, good results in studies, when she grew up she would have good future in the business world, chances are not high when comes to entering showbiz, when 32 years old she would bring luck to her husband, then followed by luck for herself. However, she might not have a younger sister or brother, when comes to romance she might not be as good as Torres (Miriam’s son).”

news and photos from: AM730, Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao