Andy shared his first Fathers’ Day

It was Father’s Day yesterday, Andy Lau who became a father at the age of 50, specially stayed at home with his wife and parents to celebrate.

As usual, Andy’s parents set off from their Kadoorie Hill apartment for morning tea, the driver drove them to the restaurant. Upon reached, Andy’s mother quickly walked into the restaurant whereas Andy’s father walked slowly with newspaper and coat in hand. When reporters asked if he would celebrate Fathers’ Day with Andy and granddaughter, although he did not gave any reply but mention of his granddaughter, he gave a smile.

Carol Zhu Liqian gave birth to a little dragon girl on 9 May, it has already been one month, it was reported on 13 June, Andy personally headed to Queensway Government Offices’ The Births and Deaths General Register Office to collect the certificate of his daughter. Two female employees of Andy went to the office to coordinate with the office’s staffs and Andy was given “VIP treatment” as he, without wearing any mask arrived 15 minutes later, he was accompanied by his assistant and 5-6 others, he need not queue and collect the certificate in a room. When checked, anyone for example the disabled can make such request to The Births and Deaths General Register Office and approval will be made pending on different situations, maybe to prevent chaotic situation thus Andy was given such treatment.

He named his daughter ‘Liu Xiang Hui’, which is different from the alleged ‘Liu Yun Shan’, although both names has 39 strokes, but fengshui masters explained that ‘Liu Yun Shan’ would bring luck to the father whereas ‘Liu Xiang Hui’ would bring luck to the mother. It was said that Andy was given pointers to initially name his daughter ‘Liu Yun Shan’ because the word ‘Yun’ was a common word used in Lau families, but according to Hong Kong reports, he registered ‘Liu Xiang Hui’ as his daughter’s name instead.

According to close friends whom had seen the baby, it was said that the daughter does not have Andy’s trademark nose but the big eyes and nose resemble the mother, she’s a beauty but she has Andy’s big ears.

It is said that his friends had gave him the first month presents, but there won’t be a first month banquet but there is plan of waiting Carol resume her slim figure and hold the 100 days banquet, his showbiz friends which includes Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Deanie Ip and Sammi Cheng were already being invited.

Two nights ago, Andy posted a new post titled “My first Fathers’ Day Best Actor” on his website to express his feelings on Fathers’ Day, he said: “A belated Mothers’ Day wishes, once again thanks all mothers, it’s being tough! Was too busy during this year’s Mothers’ Day… I gave my wishes to the old mother, whereas forget about the new mother! What a shame! Will repay double in the coming days! From this indifferent Mothers’ Day, then you have a Fathers’ Day like me! These two female leads allow me being a new father to gain more experience, of course would not forget of my father. Wish my dad, every dad, happy Fathers’ Day!” He even signed off as Andy daddy.

In addition, Andy attended the birthday celebration of Michael Miu as Michael posted a photograph on his weibo and said: “Tonight, a few of my brothers not only celebrated my birthday with me, we also celebrate for Andy who had several good things to celebrate.”

Felix Wong commented on the weibo: “A gathering of the brothers yesterday, so happy! Cherish the moment!”

news and photos from: Liberty Times, Macao Daily, Upaper, Ming Pao, ChinaTimes,, Apple Daily News, Hong Kong Daily, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao