Andy need to improve his baby carrying skill

According to reports in Hong Kong, as per his usual low profile practice, Andy Lau insist not to expose the looks of his daughter. In his recent fan club anniversary gathering, he only showed the little hand of his daughter.

With his promotion to father, after one month of training, he should be an expert in handling a baby. However, recently in a photo where he carry the baby of Albert Au Wing Kuen, it can be seen that he hold the baby too tight which made the baby uncomfortable, thus it seems that he still need to improve his carrying baby skills.

Meanwhile in the latest issue of East Weekly, it was reported that Andy wished for a peaceful family, other than donating HK$10 million to Kaohsiung Foguang Shan Temple, seizing the chance of his daughter’s first month, he made re-prints to the Buddhist narrative CD “Resolving Temptation Reminders” (literally translated) which he appeared on the CD sleeve with a monk look, he recorded in August 1999 using his monastic title “Hui Guo”.

The CDs will be distributed to fellow person in destiny thus accumulating blessing for his daughter.

Part 1 of the CD

Part 2 of the CD

news and photo from:,, Ming Pao,