Andy wore balloon suit to celebrate daughter’s first month

Few days ago happened to be the daughter of Andy Lau’s first month, at the fan gathering held at Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, although he did not reveal the looks of his daughter but the fans respected his decision as they happily celebrated with him. He uploaded the gathering’s photographs onto his Andy World Club website two days ago to share his happiness.

Around 11pm two days ago, Andy uploaded several photographs of his fan gathering and left a comment titled “Love & Celebration”, he wrote: “Love…..because of this home. Love is all around, because of you all these 24 years. For this celebration….performing my best on the stage, there were also many crew members, family members (fans) charity workers, thanks for their hard work of making this event perfectly, including they prepared more than 30,000 balloons….as decoration….as my costume….as gifts…..”

At the gathering, Andy used the excuse of celebrating his father’s birthday to share his feelings of his promotion to a father, and his fans’ parenting tips, he faithfully wish all family members (fans) a happy birthday.

Meanwhile, Jacky Cheung attended the premiere of Din Tao: Leader of the Parade, but only stayed for a while before making his exit, he expressed that he’s more familiar with Alan Ko’s younger sister as he played badminton with her husband. When asked about his planning for his daughter during the summer holiday, he said he might teach her badminton, they will be staying in Hong Kong.

When talked about Andy’s daughter first month, Jacky expressed that he read it from the newspapers, when asked if he had seen Andy’s daughter, he replied: “You can see her, I also could not see her, (We’re not the same level as you!) My status is the same as all of you, (Aren’t you a heavenly king too?) There are two words in-front… Outdated heavenly king, (You’re the God of Singer?) You can find one on the streets.”

Felix Wong and Michael Miu attended a Hong Kong car show press conference at Tsim Sha Tsui. When talked about Andy’s promotion to a father and attending a fan gathering, Felix expressed that Andy did invited him to attend but he couldn’t attend as he got injured in a soccer game. With regards to the holding hands photograph, Felix feel that it’s very warm, understand why Andy stayed at home, thus he would asked him out when all his buddies has the time.

However, Michael does not wish to talk so much about Andy’s family matters. When talked about the holding hands photograph, a delighted Michael replied: “Why so secretive? At least come out for all to see, it’s a happy matter.” He believed that Andy is still excited about his promotion to a father, he would not disturb him at the current stage, will ask him out later. When asked if he share his parenting tips to Andy, he refuse to answer: “OK, we’ll stop here.”

Andy had stopped all his work to accompany his wife and daughter. It is said that he had already made plannings for his daughter which is sending her to Canada to study, prepared a $10000000 education fund for her. Close friends revealed that Andy seldom answer phone calls, “He’s delighted to be a father for the first time, everyday played with his daughter, being a workaholic in the past and armed with his mobile phones all the time, recently he even off his work phone.”

As Andy’s elder sister had migrated to Edmonton, Canada thus he plans to arrange his daughter to go to the kindergarden there and set up an education fund, insider said: “Andy just want his wife to have a peace of mind, although said to be education fund, but the money cannot be used as he hope that his daughter to use it after 18 years old.”

To prevent his daughter’s photograph being revealed, he had set high security as he hide in his Kadoorie Hill apartment, his new apartment has high security as the security guard will chase away anyone trying to take photograph. He even has precaution measures on his close friends, when one wanted to visit his daughter, he would reject them.

news and photo from: Sing Tao News, Hong Kong Daily, Wei Wen Po, Headline Daily, Metro Daily,, Liberty Times, Macao Daily, China Times