Andy celebrate daughter with fans

9 June 2012, Andy Lau had a fan gathering at Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, coincidentally it’s also the first month of his daughter, celebrities like Ann Hui and others were present.

It’s the 24th anniversary of Andy World Club, hundreds of fans gathered for the celebration.

Some fans even flew in from Mainland China, the fans held a poster for a group photograph before entering the venue.

The organizer also set up a charity photography area for the fans’ convenience to take photo.

As Andy’s daughter was born on 9 May, thus this can considered as a fan gathering cum first month celebration, the main motive is to fulfill his earlier promise of “meeting the fans”.

At the end of the gathering, every fan was given a present which is a photograph of Andy, Carol Zhui Liqian and his daughter holding hands. However, Andy is still concern of his privacy as the photograph is censored with mosaic, not revealing the face of his daughter.

Andy also left a comment on his official website titled: One Family

A pairs of hands ….

Full of deep intentions…

With love surrounding, our family will be more warmer.


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