Andy bought bungalow worth HK$60 million in Malaysia for Carol

On 9 May, Andy Lau’s wife gave birth to a daughter, Hong Kong’s Sudden Weekly reports that he would be bring his wife and daughter to Malaysia to celebrate the baby’s 2nd month, they would be staying at a bungalow worth HK$60 million, this is the present Andy gave Carol, meanwhile for the old apartment was stayed by Andy’s sister as his younger brother was also photographed taking bus everyday.

The report stated that at the end of the month Andy intended to bring his wife and daughter back to Malaysia so that relatives and friends can take a look at the new born “little dragon girl”, thus he did not took Cathay Pacific which can be easily tracked and opt for lesser known airlines, he even leaked out news that he would be bringing his daughter to Canada, this is his plan of bringing his family to Malaysia. Around one month ago, he had bought a bungalow at Kuala Lumpur’s Ampang area, spending HK$60 million to buy 2 bungalows, intending to link them up, renovation workers revealed that from outside the house could see the huge and beautiful baby room on the second floor. It’s also alleged that he donated HK$1 million to Kaoshiung Fo Guang Shan as blessing for his daughter.

Since the birth of his daughter, to prevent his wife and daughter to be seen in public, he stayed guarded by their side, the Hong Kong media can only wait outside his Kadoorie Hill apartment, but there was no sight of Andy, surprisingly managed to catch his elder sister and younger brother visiting their parents. His elder sister did not put on any makeup, she either took bus or walked to Andy’s old apartment, she does not look like the relative of a superstar. Andy’s younger brother is also a workaholic as he would took the bus at 9am every morning to work and back home at 10pm.

Sudden Weekly’s reporter disguise as flower delivery to the alleged Manhattan Hill penthouse in Hong Kong that Andy bought for Carol, the alerted security did not discover the surname of the owner of the penthouse, it seems that they had been reminded not to leak out any news.

It’s close to one month since the birth of Andy’s daughter, nobody seems to know how the baby looked like, other than the announcement that he made on his website that his wife and daughter discharged from the hospital, there are no news from him which is common for his low profile behavior. Although it’s alleged that he will have a 100 days celebration for his daughter but it can’t be confirmed by Andy.

Being traditional, Andy has already started distributing ginger-vinegar to his friends to share his joy of becoming a father. It’s reported that the couple being Buddhist, thus they ordered vegetarian ginger-vinegar.

Andy’s bowling buddy Carlo Ng Ka Lok had already received Andy’s gift as he uploaded the ginger-vinegar on his blog as he also wrote his wishes: “Many thanks to brother Andy Lau, wish his family healthy and the baby could grow up soon.”

Meanwhile, tomorrow is the anniversary celebration of Andy World Club, which is an annual event for the club, Andy already has a date with his fans, this would be his first appearance after becoming a father, coincidentally it’s also the first month of his daughter, the fans will be celebrating for him and presents for him. The club members has to wear AWC 2012 uniform and could arrive early for the Best Actor Charity Photography Area as they could take photo with Andy’s award, all proceedings will goes to Andy Lau Charity Fund.

news and photo from: Apple Daily News Taiwan, Sing Pao, Headline Daily, Ming Pao