Deanie urges Andy to follow up with another baby

The film – Switch (Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains) and of the male lead Dong Da-wei made an appearance at Festival De Cannes opening ceremony cocktail party.

They brought the European version trailer for display. The film’s elegant charisma and oriental magical theme won praise from the film festival’s chairman, fellow filmmakers and overseas media as it stirred interest of many film distributing companies to distribute the film in Europe.

Meanwhile, the first Hong Kong Salento International Film Festival started last night. Deanie Ip who won numerous awards with the film A Simple Life was presented the Salento Award and Italy Salento commemorative plate. With regards to good friend Andy Lau becoming a father, Deanie rushed him for another baby, she said: “Maybe later if too stressful! But must follow up, Maggie Lee Lam Lam gave birth at 50 years old!” She added that Andy is currently busy taking care of the baby thus could not attend the event. When asked if she had visited the baby, she replied: “Nope, don’t trouble him, it can be quite tough!” Deanie feel that having a baby is not a simple matter, thus she hope that everyone could give Andy more space as she only SMS and didn’t phone him in order not to disturb him.

When asked if she would request Andy to send her the photo of his daughter, Deanie said: “Nope! I don’t want even he wanted to send me as I’m scared that it would leaked out and put the blame on me!” When asked if Andy had treated her ginger vinegar, Deanie exclaimed that she does not understand such tradition, she said: “I told Andy not to eat, ginger vinegar is bad for bones, teeth, why want to eat it, it’s not right to eat after giving birth!” When asked if she gave any tips to Andy, Deanie quipped: “Told him long time ago, he did read many books to get himself prepared, he even discussed DNA with me, he’s like an expert, really hard to find such man!” When asked if she would asked him to have another baby, Deanie burst into laughter and said: “Depend on the mother’s condition, most importantly must be healthy, had to wait if it’s too stressful, but need to follow up, no problems for Maggie Lee Lam Lam who gave birth at 50 years old, most importantly must have patient and love to go along!”

news and photo from:, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News