Andy to be scientist in Iron Man 3

50 years old Andy Lau who has just became a father, his wife Carol Zhu Liqian gave birth to a 7 pounds baby girl had brought luck for him as it brought him his first Hollywood role in Iron Man 3 where he would be a Chinese scientist responsible to enhance and strengthen the Iron Man armour. As the film is a joint investment between Hollywood and Mainland China, it’s believed that similar collaborations will follows.

It is said and confirmed that Andy will be cast in Hollywood film Iron Man 3, this will also be his first Hollywood film. Andy will be Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) old friend in China, a rather well known scientist, he will be responsible to strengthen and modify the weapons of Iron Man’s armour to battle the villain The Mandarin which will goes to Ben Kingsley who is fame for his role as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in the 1982 film Gandhi. Andy will get quite a lot of screen time as his is a rather important character, this would excites the Chinese audience, in addition Chinese actresses Fan Bingbing and Yang Mi will be added to the cast as Andy’s wife and assistant respectively which brings the film closer to Chinese audience, believed it would increase the box office taking in China.

The film will have location shooting in Beijing and Shanghai, it will narrates that the daughter of Robert Downey Jr.’s friend was kidnapped and brought to China, in order to save his friend’s daughter, he flew over from America to China to seek help from Andy to strengthen his abilities to fight The Mandarin. You will see Iron Man fly over The Great Wall of China, National Palace Museum and other landmarks in Shanghai, the film is expected to hit the cinemas in May 2013.

The film will be location shooting in Shanghai in the middle of next month, Robert Downey Jr. will bring his Iron Man armour to start work with Andy in Shanghai. In the original comic, villain The Mandarin is a Chinese wizard who knows kung fu, in order not to hurt the feelings of Western and Chinese audience, the story will not focus so much on the villain’s background as not to display the Chinese as evil.

The film will be different from other Hollywood films which are distributed in China as an imported film, Iron Man 3 which is the first Chinese and Hollywood collaborated film, thus it had already got approval from the State Administration of Radio Film and Television in order to be shot, all contents that harms Chinese image had been “removed”, this explains why the villain will be a bit different from the original comic and it’s also the possible reason why two Chinese actresses are cast in the film.

In addition, as usual Andy’s parents leaves their Kadoorie apartment for their morning tea yesterday morning, although they did not answer any questions from the reporter, but they were all smiles, it’s believed that they had already seen and carried their grand-daughter.

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news and photos from: Apple Daily News, Sharpy Daily