Andy announced he’s a father

Recently it was alleged that Andy Lau became a father on 9 May, but he did not make any official announcement, finally on 5:44pm yesterday he left a post on his official Andy World Club website, it’s titled “Everything is fine” revealing that his wife and daughter had discharged from the hospital. Andy always adores his fans as he treated them as his family member, most of them he made announcements via his official website to his fans and the masses.

Although Andy did not personally made an announcement in public, but the happiness of becoming a father can be felt from his post, Andy wrote: “Apologize to keep everybody waiting.I’ve become a father, a week of first time father training has been completed. Discharged today and reached home, back here felt more steady, thanks to all the blessings from family members, mother and daughter are well, so delighted….won’t be uploading any photos! Family members would understand. For others, will tell you face to face!” From the post, it seems that Andy wished to take care of his wife who is currently confinement in childbirth. In addition, Andy also expressed that he had experienced patience to have the responsibility of a father, he pointed out that to do well in his three identities would be a bit difficult but he’s still very happy.

Other than writing a post for his fans, he who always have a good relationship with the media, wrote another post for the media and titled “Touched by your understanding”, he said that his wife and daughter had discharged from the hospital, thus the reporters waiting at the hospital could stop waiting, he thanks the media’s understanding and forgiving, he thanked the media for adoring him, although he knew the concern and curiosity of the media but did not force or chase him, he’s very thankful and grateful.

news and photo from: AM730, Headline Daily, Wei Wen Po, Sing Pao, Apple News,, Liberty Times, ChinaTimes