Andy’s baby has his signature nose

47 years old Carol Zhu Liqian gave birth to a 6-7 pounds baby girl for Andy Lau last Wednesday (9 May) at Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, although Andy purposely keep the news under wrapped but Hong Kong’s Oriental Sunday narrates that one medical staff expressed: “The little dragon girl naturally born with a star look, fair skinned, eyes and mouth looked like mother, the nose looked like father, loved to smile, for several days Andy and Carol kept “fighting” to carry the baby, the happiness of first time parents can be seen.”

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Andy was once the Yang Guo in Return of the Condor Heroes who finally ended his wait for the little dragon girl at the age of 50, although he tried to keep a low profile as he had yet officially announced the good news, but two evidences did emerged. Firstly, Deanie Ip who is as close to him as though his mother revealed that she was informed of the birth of her god-children, secondly Sandra Ng also got confirmation from Carol, it’s believed that soon Andy would be sharing his joy in the Andy World Club website.

It is said that last Tuesday, Carol suddenly feel pain in her tummy while watching TV at home, Andy and his family members got nervous and immediately send her to Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital and contact her gynecologist Dr. William So Wai Ki. Andy accompanied his wife in the delivery room, till 8am in the morning, successfully gave birth to a healthy little dragon girl, at that time Andy can fully relax. According to a close friend who revealed: “Andy was initially worried that his wife could not have a smooth delivery due to her age, but when he hear the crying sound of the baby and the doctor announced that both baby and mother are safe, he was delighted till he teared.” It is said that when Carol woke up, she immediately asked the nurse to bring her daughter to her, seeing her daughter healthy and normal, she became agitated as she hugged Andy and cried, all the pressure in the 10 months pregnancy flowed out finally.

As it was Mother’s Day yesterday, many showbiz friends and fans left comments on the web to congratulate Andy, a total of 7800,000 comments and reposts, it occupied the top spot of microblog topic.

Shu Qi and Richie Ren were at a charity event yesterday. When talked about Andy becoming a father, Shu Qi exclaimed that she was living in a fairytale lifestyle and cut off from all news, she only knew till now and she would send a congratulation SMS to Andy. When asked if she would give him any present, Shu Qi pointed out that Andy being a low profile person, she believed that she need not prepare any present, furthermore his life is more perfect now, his daughter is his best present. Meanwhile, Richie exclaimed that he awaits Andy’s announcement, he said: “I knew, but he had yet make any announcement, feel that it’s not too good to congratulate him now, wait till he make his announcement! (Would you buy any present?) I’m a professional, wait till they decided what they need then I’ll ask them, Andy did not have a list, once announced I will ask him.”

In addition, Anthony Wong was asked if he met Andy who recently became a father, he expressed he did not but had sent a congratulation SMS to him, he said: “Andy did replied me, and congratulate me to have more girls, that’s a good thing. (Did Andy congratulate you to have more girls?) I wish to!”

Jet Li and Habitat for Humanity ambassador Karen Mok were at another charity event, when asked news about Andy becoming a father, Jet quipped: “Should congratulate him!” Meanwhile Karen stressed: “Most important in a family is to have love.” When asked if she plan to have baby, she burst into laughter and said: “Never considered.”

news and photo from: Liberty Times, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Sing Tao